Information, History, Comparisons and Reviews Of The Best Selling Water Saver Shower Heads

Your one stop for all the water saver shower head reviews, information and ratings.  Compare fuel and water consumption to help you decide which shower heads are best.  Find the lowest prices when you buy. Individual shower preferences and water saving goals should determine the importance of each of the features that a model offers.  A variety of additional features are examined such as adjustments controlling the water stream and turn off valves to save water, while lathering or shaving.  Also see ratings of rain shower heads as well as hand held shower heads with additional power saving and water saving qualities.


The best evaluation of the invigorating quality provided by shower heads is the test results of the EPA's Water Sense program. A description of its resources and paths are provided.  Another useful tool, the Shower Water and Energy Use Calculator will help you determine the cost of water and the fuel to heat it in your community.


Numerous tips for installation and maintenance are presented.  Also, the history of the shower from ancient times to the Energy Policy Conservation Act of 1992 restriction of 2.5 gallons per minute is summarized.



Nat GeoWater Footprint Calculator


U.S. Department of Energy Low Flow Shower Heads







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